Now stocking EV powered Speakers

Now stocking EV speakers powered and non-powered along with our JBL line. Come in & check out these models


12-inch Two-Way Passive Loudspeaker -Big sound doesn’t need to take up a lot of space. Ideal for main loudspeaker or monitor wedge duties, the ZLX-12 offers the ultimate combination of performance and portability – and always looks great on stage.


15-inch Two-Way Passive Loudspeaker -The ZLX-15 gives you the confidence of the industry’s most trusted components – engineered to exacting standards to bring exceptional EV audio quality for larger applications, with or without a subwoofer


12-inch Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker -The compact, lightweight ZLX-12P was designed to give you power and performance beyond the scope of other small-format loudspeakers, making it a standout choice for smaller-venue sound reinforcement or stage monitoring. Pound for pound, no other similarly sized composite box comes close. ZLX combines decades of proven pro-audio engineering know-how with a bold new look and user-friendly features that give you an extraordinary amount of control over your sound – all with the renowned EV quality and reliability the pros trust. The ZLX-12P is perfect for use as either mains or monitors, and represents a new standard for musicians, DJs, and all performers looking for more from a portable powered loudspeaker.

Electro-Voice ELX118P Active 18″ Subwoofer –

Fill the room with low-end boom with this 700W subwoofer.

Part of Electro-Voice’s Live X series, the portable ELX118P active sub features the latest Electro-Voice-engineered 18″ woofer. With a generous 700W Class-D high-efficiency amp, 134dB SPL output, and a 42Hz-100Hz frequency response you’ll be able to shake, rattle, and roll the crowd with aurally pleasing low end. It also features an XLR combo jack and XLR link output as well as easy-to-use controls.

The ELX118P is constructed of 9-ply, 15mm plywood, and is internally braced, making it sturdy yet completely portable. It has built-in side handles for transport, and 35mm pole mount socket for convenient mounting of other speakers from the Live X series above it. 

As always we have a large stock of both new & used speakers. We have are new warehouse open to the public and serving local towns in your area. Like

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Electro-Voice ZLX-12 2-Way Loudspeaker (1000 Watts, 1×12″)