Ebtech Hum Eliminator



Product Description

The Ebtech Hum Eliminator simply breaks the ground loops that cause AC hum, quickly and easily.
Hum noise is the enemy of musicians and engineers everywhere. In the studio or in a live rack, it’s a pain and it can absolutely ruin an otherwise great mix.

Just plug the eliminator into the line level signal lines between the offending pieces of equipment and you’re done. No signal degradation, no noise gates, no dangerous ground lifts, no hum!

Ebtech Hum Eliminator Features

  • Automatically translates signal voltages to match differences in ground potentials avoiding clipping
  • Provides silencing for a stereo pair of 1/4 inch connections
  • Converts automatically between balanced and unbalanced lines
  • Smart 1/4 inch TRS jacks (tip, ring, sleeve) inputs and outputs
  • Each jack is an automatically balancing/unbalancing 1/4 inch TRS jack
  • Frequency response 20HZ to 70kHz plus or minus .05dB
  • Distortion of less than .005%THD @ 1kHz
  • Crosstalk better than -97dB
  • Maximum source impedance 1kOhm
  • Mimimum load impedance 10kOhm
  • Two year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Almost all AC hum (60Hz in the US) is caused by ground loops. These groundloops act like radio antennae picking up hum and noise. The Hum Eliminator completely eliminates this by breaking the groundloops, making it impossible for the signal lines to pick up the AC hum and noise in the first place.

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer

Phone:  860-974-3491 Warranty:  2 Years